Top 10 Tips to Conserve Water in Your Home

3 Jan by jwu

Top 10 Tips to Conserve Water in Your Home

Installing smart water submetering systems within your home is crucial to understanding how much water you consume every month. You can use that information to identify whether you’re being charged fairly or whether you need to put more effort into saving water.

If you’re looking to save money on your bills or reduce your environmental impact, here are ten simple ways to conserve water!

Take Shorter Showers

One of the easiest and most common tips for conserving water is to take shorter showers! Showers account for nearly 20% of a household’s water consumption and typically use 17 gallons in less than ten minutes. You can save hundreds of dollars on your next payment just by cutting down on your time.

Use Low-Flow

Switch out your toilet and showerhead for low-flow ones to help conserve water and save on your utility bill. You can even purchase toilets with different flush options based on whether you went number 1 or 2!

Turn Off the Faucet

Turn off the sink whenever you are washing your hands or brushing your teeth. You can easily waste the water just by letting it run for a minute extra. You can also try filling the basin with water when you shave.

Collect Water

Try and make it a general habit where you don’t wash with constant running water. Fill a basin or bucket with water when you need to wash dishes, produce, clothes, and your car. You should also try collecting rainwater if you live in an area that permits it!

Reuse Water

Instead of pouring an entire pot of water down the drain after blanching some spinach, let it cool down so you can reuse it. You’d be surprised at how beneficial it can be to your garden! Spinach is excellent for adding iron, while hard-boiled eggs give calcium to the soil. You can even use rice water for making your own hair masks, too!

Compost More Often

Composting is better for the environment and your water bill. Instead of using the garbage disposal, try composting your food products. You can even use it outside in the garden as a natural fertilizer and sun protection.

Use a Washer

Since you want to avoid washing things under running water, take full advantage of appliances. You can find dishwashers and laundry machines with water-saving features that alter the amount of water used based on the load size. Remember always to run a full load whenever possible, though!

Use Less Detergent

If you pour in too much detergent, then the machine will need to run longer and use more water to get rid of all the suds. Carefully measure out the appropriate amount of soap for each load in the dishwasher or laundry machine.

Repair Old Equipment

You can quickly run up a steep water bill just from old and broken equipment. Make sure none of your faucets or toilets are leaking, and if they are–repair or replace them! It might cost you more in the long run if you don’t switch them out.

Embrace Native Plants

Although green lawns can look nice, they’re terrible for your water bill. Plant natural vegetation wherever you can since they are well-adapted to the amount of rainfall your region receives typically. Remember to turn off wasteful sprinklers and water your garden only when necessary. It would be best if you avoided watering during midday, too, to prevent it from evaporating too quickly.

Follow these ten tips to reduce your smart water submetering measurements and save money!


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